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With the plethora of DIY, YouTube tutorial videos, and frugality, it may be tempting to power wash your property by yourself. However, unlike many home cleaning and maintenance jobs, power washing is a task that should be left to the professionals.

Hiring a professional, will ensure that your property not only looks it best, but will also reduce wear and tear by eliminating mold, algae, chalk, insects, weeds, and more. Some of the benefits of our power washing services are highlighted below.

Why Hire Rockland County Handyman...
  • Save Time and Money
    If you 'do-it-yourself', power washing will require a power washing machine which you only need to use maybe once or twice a year. In the meantime, you will be spending money on maintenance, storage space and repairing of its defunct parts. However, hiring the services of a professional absolves you of these expenses and will get the job done faster.
  • Accurate Solutions
    With our power washing services, you can be assured of getting a higher quality job done because our experts know exactly which solutions will work in every situation, be it, power washing siding, power washing windows, power washing garage floor or power washing a deck.
  • Safer Operation
    Power washing machines are very powerful and intense, even the small-scale ones can cause serious harm if not handled properly. Placing the operation of such tools in the hands of an experienced professional will keep you and your property safe. In the event that an accident occurs, they'll have the means to rectify it.
  • Industry Standard Equipment
    Commercial power washing tools have higher capacities and greater pressure which makes them perform much better than the consumer models. At Rockland County Handyman, we have the latest models of equipment with improved functions and increased efficiency to make the job better and faster.

Hiring a professional power washing company to handle your power washing needs is a sensible choice over doing it yourself.

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Rockland County Handyman can seamlessly perform all types of power washing services for both residential and commercial buildings at affordable costs.

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