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Yes, here is your opportunity to tilt the odds in your favor with a dependable, superb, yet affordable all-in-one certified rotten wood repair service you can be at home with.

Beauty and elegance, wood and wooden finishing brings it all to a property. That said; the wood has to be in excellent condition for you to derive its benefits and aesthetic value. Unfortunately, moisture can cause wood to rot leading to serious health and safety risks. It is therefore imperative to discover and repair the rot before it undermines the health of your family, the structural integrity of your building and your reputation as a property owner.

When you desire to fix rotted wood and restore its shine again, Rockland County Handyman is basically your best bet.

At Rockland County Handyman, whether you're looking to fix the rot in your window sills or doors, frames or wall panels, we've got you covered!

Because in every case, we...
  • take the time to understand your requirements.
  • provide the most competitively priced rotten wood repair service near you.
  • use high grade materials that stand the test of time – you'll get full value for your money!
  • use our experience to discover and restore rotten wood even in the most difficult to see places.
  • get the job done right the first time – saving you time and money!
  • intend to wow you with our polite, easy to work with, trustworthy staff.

All of the above, plus our...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We believe the glory of your wood is not lost yet. That's why our best in class and meticulous rotten wood repair expertise will ensure your wood gets restored to its like-new grandeur.

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Do you see the value here?

You'll extend the lifespan of your wood and save money you'd have spent on replacement. Why spend a huge sum to buy new when it can look and function like new and at a fraction of the cost.

Bottom line, you will improve the beauty, functionality and value of your property as well as ensuring its protection.

Don't let rotten wood frustrate you!

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Senad Kurtaj is a reliable, trustworthy and excellent handyman service provider. He provides a vast array of services for reasonable price. He did our ground floor Bathroom so nicely that it meets more than our expectation. He is superb, friendly, professional and he is serious about his work and does not compromise on quality of work.

Amitava Guharay • New City, NY

Senad Kurtaj

"Great service is my mission. That means that I always show up on time with a smile on my face. I'll always leave your home cleaner than when I arrived. And I'll keep you informed throughout the project so you always know what to expect next."
Senad Kurtaj