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Every duct air system that has not been cleaned at least once a year usually gets contaminated with dust, composed of outdoor debris, pet hair, fibers from clothing and carpets, dead skin cells, hair shedding, and common household allergens.

Indoor air pollutants can trigger serious health problems for your family members or employees who suffer from respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders or environmental allergies. Hiring a professional air duct cleaning service to clean your air duct, therefore, is of vital importance.

Why Hire Rockland County Handyman...
  • Better Service
    Air ducts require in-depth cleaning and there is usually a buildup of dirt deeper in the vent than what the eyes can see from the grate or grill. Hiring a professional air duct cleaning service like Rockland County Handyman ensures that you get better quality service that cleans further down into the vent to the end of the duct.
  • Better Equipment
    Our expert technicians at Rockland County Handyman are fully equipped with the right equipment to thoroughly clean your air ducts. Our vacuums are composed of the right filters and design to prevent the dirt, dust, pollens, and spores that were expelled from your vents to be redistributed back into your home.
  • Decontamination
    Dirty and contaminated air ducts are usually a breeding ground that is infested with all kinds of mold and other pests. Having Rockland County Handyman clean your air duct will rid your home of all the allergens, smoke and dander that have accumulated since you acquired the home. We will decontaminate your home within hours using environmentally friendly products that are safe on your household.
  • Improved Work Efficiency
    The body dispenses a great deal of energy trying to cool down in hot weather. This energy deficit decreases our ability to function and think. Cleaning your air duct regularly with the help of a professional like Rockland County Handyman will ensure proper ventilation and fresher air within the home or office, thus stimulating the body and activating the mind.

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Rockland County Handyman does much more than duct cleaning and has served Bedford for over 10 years. Our highly-skilled technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and efficient methodology all combine to ensure your air ducts are thoroughly cleaned to your 100% total satisfaction.

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Senad Kurtaj is a reliable, trustworthy and excellent handyman service provider. He provides a vast array of services for reasonable price. He did our ground floor Bathroom so nicely that it meets more than our expectation. He is superb, friendly, professional and he is serious about his work and does not compromise on quality of work.

Amitava Guharay • New City, NY

Senad Kurtaj

"Great service is my mission. That means that I always show up on time with a smile on my face. I'll always leave your home cleaner than when I arrived. And I'll keep you informed throughout the project so you always know what to expect next."
Senad Kurtaj